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Kitchen-Klatter Magazine was a periodical published in  Iowa from the 1930's through the late 80's. The magazine was devoted to providing regional news and home making assistance to rural and urban home makers. The monthly magazine always included some great recipes. The recipes are priceless in that they not only disclose cooking techniques that are virtually gone in today's cooking methods but also reflect the availability of certain foods at different times of the year. The recipes rely a lot on seasonal foods and on canned or preserved food. However, the recipes ring true as I have tried several and found they are quite good. So for those that love cooking and are always on the lookout for new menu items (new to us) welcome to this gallery. The images were scanned from the magazine and all recipes have been included in a database. The "Search" tab will provide a way to search for food / recipes and includes a comprehensive listing of all recipes. Enjoy ! 



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